#AllReal and #EasyToWear fashion jewerly
No more struggels getting your bracelet on with one hand or too heavy earrings that you might loose...

About Evelien

Hi! I'm an independant jewelry designer and started by making jewelry for myself and my friends as I just couldn't find what I was looking for. I like fashion jewerly with real materials that I can effortless put on. All my jewerly is based on Sterling Silver AG 925 and combined with semi precious gemstones.
I just love spending hours on markets to look for the most beautiful stones.
My earrings are super light weight and my bracelets have all a magnet or sliding closure: you only need one hand to put them on.
Handmade in Germany with love

Bracelets & Earrings

Ready jewelry

My ready models you can buy in EvelienSilverJewelry Etsy shop
Also have a look at them to get some inspiration if you want a customized item!

Customizable bracelets

See underneath my bracelet models. Pick a model you like and choose color gemstone and silver you want to have.


1 Gemstones - 1 Silver

Swarovski or silver pendant

Leather base

Examples Snowwhite

Snowwhite Snowwhite Snowwhite Snowwhite

Bracelet Snowwhite

1 in one - leather base
30€ - 40€


1 Gemstones - 1 Silver - 1 Leather

Swarovski pendant

Leather base

Examples Pocahonta

Pocahonta Pocahonta Pocahonta Pocahonta

Bracelet Pocahonta

3 in one - leather base
40€ - 55€


1 Gemstones

Silver elements

Leather base

Examples Diana

Snowwhite Snowwhite Snowwhite Snowwhite Snowwhite

Bracelet Diana

single - leather base
18€ - 40€


1 Gemstones - 1 Silver

Gemstone pendant

Examples Sissi

Sissi Sissi

Bracelet Sissi

2 in one - Silver base
30€ - 40€


3 x  Gemstones

Silver elements

Necklace & Bracelet

Examples Grace

Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace Grace

Bracelet Grace

3 in one - Necklace & Bracelet
40€ - 55€


1 (Gemstones &silver)

Examples Meghan

Meghan Meghan Meghan

Bracelet Meghan

single - leather base
20€ - 40€

Your preferred model

Pick the colour you are looking for:

Any prefered gemstone? (optional)

Silver color:

Your wrist diameter

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